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Veda is the entire knowledge of nature.The word 'Veda' is originated from the sanskrit verb -  ' vid ' denoting 'knowing' . Thus, veda means knowledge. Veda is believeably the first creation in the history of knowledge and education. It was originated right from the begining of this creation, or when man started to breath, that's why Veda interpretes 'sosham' denoting sanskrit-word - sah + aham = ' that is me '. God says - " The point where you began and the point where you exist, as well as the point where you will end- everywhere I am dwelling.


          India, the land of veda, and the origin of spiritualism has a huge store of religious and cultural knlowledges and all of them are originated or interpreted from Veda. Not only spiritual but material or scientific knowledge also was introduced in veda. And everybody knows the oldest alive knowledge in sanskrit was introduced by veda.  Though vedic knowledge is so deep and so large that it is absolutely impossible to interprete and spread it in a short time and limited spave; Vedic India has attempted to bring it's most important knowledge with an authentic interpretation and application system to let people know the way to leave in peace, harmony and successes.


Four Vedas -


The vedas are believably 'unmade' because it is so huge with the deep knowledge's one can't imagine to compile in the pages. that is why veda is called - ' apaurusheya ' i.e. man can't make it. And when it was introduce there was no existence of paper or any writing material or activities, therefore, Veda was introduced and spread by hearing tradition. Sanskrit word - Shrotra = ears, therefore veda is called shrotra, to be hearable, and the people who practise Veda are called -' Shrotriya ' ( Brahman ).


Vedas are in 4 independent volumes and every volume cover such wide area of natural activities. In short, veda covers - spiritualism to devotion, physics to mathematics, arts to commerce and astrology to medical sciences.


Here are some brief descriptions of 4 vedas :-


Rigved -       It is all about Rik - i.e. Humanity & Devinity. This Veda teaches how to live how to

                   let live, devotion, spirit, devinity and parapsychology all are discripted in this volume of veda.


Yajurved -   Yajurved explains all about Activities, yagya, worshipping and other relavent areas.

Samved -     Samved explians all about chhand, taal, music, creation, poetry, literature and natural or human


Atharvaved- It teaches all about materialistic sciences like commerce, economy, civics, geography, physics,

                   biology, chemistry, geometry, geology, astrology, astronomy, communication sciences,

                   mathematics etc. 


Veda has been interpreted in it's 6 major parts - 


  1. Mouth of veda- Shabda-Shashtra or Grammar - How to Speak, how to communicate. 
  2. Eyes of veda-    Jyotish or astrology - Interpretation of planets and stars on life for protection, prevention and cure.
  3. Ears of veda -    Nirukt or paraspiritualim - Explanation of God and devinity.
  4. Hands -             Kalp or Karmakand or worshipping - Explanation how to perform.
  5. Nose -               Shiksha or General Education - All material sciences
  6. Feet -                Chhand or Rithm or music   



Vedic India Represents the most useful disciplines of the Vedas to regularate our life with harmony and peace.Through its expert panels, it provides institutions, training and reasearch opportunities to those people who are professionally or non-professionally wanting to use this knowledge for their individual developement as well as social welfare; simultaneously it provides direct consultations and Remedial supports too, for those who need energy for their moral support and improvement as well as a precause of evil occurrences.


The services offered by Vedic-India are as follows -


1. Online Professional Lessons


  • Veda
  • Jyotish (Astrology)
  • Yagya (Hindu Worship System)
  • Sanskrit
  • Hindi
  • Yoga


2. Consultations


  •    Jyotish
  •    Spiritualism
  •    Hinduism


3. Products & Services


  • Horoscope
  • Yearly Horoscope
  • Remedial Vedic Yagyas





















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